ItemsAdder includes an easy to use API for Java/Skript developers. To access it just include dev.lone.itemsadder.api.ItemsAdder in your code.
//Checks if an item is a custom item made with ItemsAdder
public static boolean isCustomItem(ItemStack itemStack)
public static boolean isCustomItem(String customItemName)
//Get an ItemsAdder custom item by its name in config
public static ItemStack getCustomItem(String nameInConfig)
//Spawns a block made with ItemsAdder specifying the itemstack
//(obtain it with getCustomItem)
public static void placeCustomBlock(Location location, ItemStack customBlock)
public static void placeCustomBlock(Location location, ItemStack customBlock, boolean lightweight)
//Check if a block in the world is a custom block made with ItemsAdder
public static boolean isCustomBlock(Block block)
//plants custom seed like a normal player would do
public static void placeCustomCrop(Location location, ItemStack seed)
//check if block is custom planted crop with custom seed
public static boolean isCustomCrop(Block block)
//get custom seed of custom crop
public static String getCustomSeedNameFromCrop(Block block)
//returns the ItemStack of a custom block in world
public static ItemStack getCustomBlock(Block block)
//check if an entity in world is a furniture
public static boolean isFurniture(Entity entity)
//check if an ItemStack is a specific custom item
//(example: check if a pickaxe is 'amethyst_pickaxe')
public static boolean matchCustomItemName(ItemStack itemStack, String customItemName)
//get name of the item in config (ex: 'ruby_pickaxe')
public static String getCustomItemName(ItemStack itemStack)
//get name of config where the item is declared (ex: 'items/swords')
public static String getCustomItemFileName(ItemStack itemStack)
//gets usages remaining of this item (-999 if it has no usages specified = infinite)
public static int getCustomItemUsages(ItemStack itemStack)
//set custom item durability (also works with vanilla items and with
//custom items with default vanilla durability)
public static ItemStack setCustomItemDurability(ItemStack item, int durability)
//get custom durability
public static int getCustomItemDurability(ItemStack itemStack)
//get max custom durability
public static int getCustomItemMaxDurability(ItemStack itemStack)