How to create custom swords


This is the file where all custom swords behaviour and config are stored
This is an example sword, you'll notice some interesting sections, like play_particle, reduce_durability which helps you to customize your items to have the best roleplay experience. (these attributes are described in the events page)

Here is an example sword

This sword has a custom lore, has the same durability as diamond sword, 6 attack damage, 2.1 speed. When you left click or right click it plays enchant table particle, on attack it plays lightsaber sound (custom sound in resourcepack). It's crafted using rubys and stick.
enabled: true # use this to enable or disable the item
permission: mysword #crafting permission name (ia.craft.mysword)
model_id: 6 #this is a special property to assign the custom texture
vanilla_type: DIAMOND_SWORD #this is a special property,
# item will have the same durability of this vanilla item and custom texture
# will be applied to this vanilla item ( in this case you must create
# the texture under resourcepack folder "new_diamond_sword")
name: '&fMySword' #display name of the item
- '&fWow this is my first'
- '&fcustom sword!'
enchants: #enchants to be applied on craft
- FIRE_ASPECT:1 #<enchant name>:<level>
attack_damage: 6
attack_speed: 2.1
hide_attributes: false
hide_enchants: false
damage_value: 249
events: #events related to this item
left_click: #when user left click
play_particle: ENCHANTMENT_TABLE #plays a specific particle
play_particle: ENCHANTMENT_TABLE #plays a specific particle
attack: #when user attacks a mob or player
play_particle: ENCHANTMENT_TABLE #plays a specific particle
play_sound: lightsaber #plays a specific sound (custom or vanilla Minecraft)
recipe: #recipe settings
enabled: true #use this to enable or disable the crafting
pattern: #pattern of the recipe, X is used to indicate empty slot
ingredients: #ingredients match with recipe letters,
#you can use custom items names and vanilla names
R: ruby

Specific properties for swords

attack_damage: 1 # attack damage
attack_speed: 4 # attack speed
hide_attributes: true # hide attack and speed attributes from lore
hide_enchants: false # hide enchant from lore
damage_value: 249 # sets an initial damage value for the item. so when you craft
# this sword your'll get an already consumed item (useful if)
# you want to give players a special item that needs to
# be recharged (like the philosopher_stone)