How to create custom textures

To create custom textures follow this short easy tutorial
enabled: true
permission: my_custom_item
model_id: 50
name: '&fMy custom item'

Creating the .json file (model)

In this example I set model_id to 50 and I created a file named 50.json in the assets\minecraft\models\new_<type> folder. In this case I'm creating a generic item that won't have any feature, so it will be under new_item folder in resourcepack.
This is the model file I've just created:
This is the content of the 50.json file, you can notice i set layer0 to new_item/50 which is the path to the .png file I'll create (I named it as the .json file to have the resourcepack more organized but you don't have to keep this structure, you can also write new_item/my_custom_item_texture, but remember to name the .png file like that)
If you made a custom 3D model you can ignore what you see in this screenshot as you surely have another structure in the file

Creating the .png file (texture)

Create a new file (or paste your texture file) in the assets\minecraft\textures\new_<type> folder. I named it 50.png (but remember you can name it as you want, you can name it also my_custom_item_texture, like you did in layer0).
Texture file i created
Preview of the texture (just an example one)


Now you have to zip your resourcepack files selecting these files:
After you zipped it upload it to Dropbox, get the download link and change ?dl=0 at the end of the link to ?dl=1 Put this link into the config.yml of ItemsAdder replacing the property custom_url. Also set use_default to false and apply_on_join to true
use_default: false
custom_url: ''
Remember to upload the zip file to an hosting service that gives a direct download link, not a download link where you have to click "Download file" or something or Minecraft won't install the resourcepack correctly. Dropbox is good as you can set ?dl=1 to get a direct download. Also don't forget to change https to http.
If DropBox link is not working on Minecraft and you get error please use this website: - Set 30days - then after upload right click on download and copy link (You still need to change https to http in your url) Any website is good if it allows you to get a DIRECT download to resourcepack. If it gives you an url that leads to a download paga it won't work.

Multi-textures items

You'll surely notice some items have more than one texture/model, these items are:
  • bows
  • shields
  • fishing rods
In order to create custom textures for your custom items of these particular types you have to create 2 or more .json files and .png files, you just have to take already created items as reference to create your items