Menu configuration

In order to show the item on the /ia menu you must open menu.yml and add the item name to the category you want (in this example I added it to the hoes category):
enabled: true
icon: ruby_hoe
name: '&3&lHoes'
#permission to allow user to see this category
permission: 'custom.permission'
- ruby_hoe
- crystal_hoe
- spinel_hoe
- turquoise_hoe
- aqua_hoe
- amethyst_hoe
- my_new_custom_hoe
You can notice there is a special category named all, it has a special property show_all_items which allows you to show all the items you created adding them to this category. If you want to hide some items from this GUI just use hide_items property.
enabled: true
icon: ruby_block
name: '&3&lAll'
show_all_items: true
# special tag to hide some items from the GUI
- icon_left_grey
- icon_left_blue
- icon_right_grey